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Approaching Costume Reconstruction, Again.

by ARB Costume Designer Michelle Ferranti

#ARBdancefirsts by summer intern Kat Giordano

American Repertory Ballet has provided me with a very valuable “first” in my career. My time with ARB this summer marks my first internship for a non-profit. I can think of no better way to spend my summer away from Princeton University than with the leading ballet company of New Jersey.

What has dance given to me? (Part 2)

by ARB alum Annie Woodside Gribbins

Maybe this isn’t something dance actually “gave” to me, but I will say that my years as an avid student and professional ballet dancer have certainly had a great impact on me as the mother of a son who loves sports.

Let me just say this first—my children do not dance. My daughter Shannon took ballet for nine years with my wonderful colleagues at Princeton Ballet School, but did not really have the passion to continue beyond the milestone of getting her pointe shoes.

What has dance given to me?

by ARB alum Annie Gribbins

What has dance given to me? Well, that is, besides some aches and pains, arthritis, and a sore back?

Reflections on my Internship

 As I am coming up on my last week as an intern at American Repertory Ballet, I am shocked at how quickly these past weeks have gone by. It doesn’t feel like all that long ago I was a nervous, and admittedly clueless, intern on her first day of the job. Since then, the amount I have learned has been incredible, and the experiences that I have had have been invaluable.


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