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Access & Enrichment - Blog Posts


by ARB Access & Enrichment Department intern Kaleen Butterfield

What being a DANCE POWER Teaching Artist gives me

by Kathleen Smith, DANCE POWER Coordinator

Insights on the beginning of a new year of DANCE POWER

by Kathleen Smith, DANCE POWER Coordinator

National Arts in Education Week and ARB's DANCE POWER

by Lisa Beth Vettoso
Director of Educational Programming, American Repertory Ballet
In July of 2010, the U.S. House of Representatives passed House Resolution #275 designating the second week of September as National Arts in Education Week. This year, National Arts in Education Week falls on September 14 through September 20, 2014. At American Repertory Ballet (ARB), this same week marks the beginning of our 30th year of our signature dance education residency: DANCE POWER.

Life Lessons from the Arts

by Lisa Beth Vettoso, Director of Educational Programming

If you work in the arts, and specifically arts education, you already believe in the importance of the arts in the lives of children. You believe it because of what you observe each and every day in a classroom, out in the community, or on a stage. You also believe it because something led you to a career in the arts, likely your own artistic experiences as a child and/or teenager. And even if you don’t work in the arts, you’re likely reading this blog because you love and support the arts.

School's Back in Session - My Arts Education Goals

by Lisa Beth Vettoso

Well, the time has come; it’s September. And while some may try to deny it (“Summer isn’t officially over until September 22!”), all of us in the education world know it can only mean one thing—the official start of the school year. Facebook is flooded with back-to-school photos and there’s a crackle of excitement in the air (soon to be displaced by groans about waking up early and homework).


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