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Princeton and Boston

January 19/20:  Princeton and Boston.  Here we are in the thick of auditions.  Saturday in Princeton, we auditioned over 100 eager young dancers.  It was great to welcome some familiar faces from former summers, back now hoping to become Trainees to the company.  And it’s always super to see the next generation of our own students reaching the age at which they can audition for the advanced division of the Summer Intensive.

A New Year, a New Audition Tour, and New Projects

1.17.14--- what a great date on which to pick up the thread of my blog, after “Nutcracker” and holiday cocooning.  Let’s celebrate a new year, a new audition tour, and new projects.

Fall Fun, continued

by Mary Pat Robertson, Princeton Ballet School Director

We're Back!

by Mary Pat Robertson

School's Back in Session - My Arts Education Goals

by Lisa Beth Vettoso

Well, the time has come; it’s September. And while some may try to deny it (“Summer isn’t officially over until September 22!”), all of us in the education world know it can only mean one thing—the official start of the school year. Facebook is flooded with back-to-school photos and there’s a crackle of excitement in the air (soon to be displaced by groans about waking up early and homework).

"Remember that time..."

by Alexis Branagan

The other day, I went to take open class at New Jersey Ballet.  I trained there from age 11 through 17, and I like to return a few times per year to take class with some of my old teachers. They'll always hold a special place in my heart; they had a huge impact on my dancing and love of ballet.

Let’s breathe!

by Mary Pat Robertson

Summer Intensive is over, with a burst of enthusiasm and joy as all the students performed beautifully last Friday.  It was so much fun to see them really connecting with each other onstage, and therefore out into the audience. 

In the studios: Summer Intensive 2013

by Mary Pat Robertson

Whoa!  Summer Intensive is so far off to a running start that it’s half over!  With this many students, and a stable of teachers and guests, life is busy, busy.  But it’s such a great time of year, because it’s so rewarding to see the dancers learning and improving day by day.  Here’s a little of what’s been going on:


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